Sunday, 12 July 2015 12:34

Peppermint Oil is One of my Favorites

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Peppermint Essential OilsI admit the first time I opened Peppermint Essential Oil, it was a bit overwhelming. I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. It is now a favorite in my home. Personally, I use Peppermint when my nose is stuffy. I apply a couple of drops to a cotton ball, sniff a couple of times, and just like that I can breathe again. I use a cotton ball with Peppermint when I am working out to keep me invigorated.

Just last week, a friend was over when he complained of the onset of a migraine. I took out my
Peppermint, applied a couple of drops across his forehead. Within minutes the onset was gone and he was smiling again.

Living in Florida, the summers are hot and humid! When I go outside I apply it to my neck and my whole body stays cooler. Some people like to add Peppermint to water in an aluminum water bottle and spray it on for the same affect. You can use that same Peppermint water bottle and spray the corners of doors and hallways to repel spiders!


Sunday, 12 July 2015 02:36

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

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Thieves Essential Oils  As I start my blog, I will start with the 10 oils in the Premium Starter Kit and go from there.

I researched many different oils before deciding to be a distributor for Young Living. Are they the cheapest? No, they are not. However they are Pure, unadulerated Essential Oils. Many of them are ingestable, although some people will debate the subject until they are blue in the face. I can only tell you about my experiences with them and I have ingested and even used some in food recipes.

I will start with one of the oils in the Premium Starter kit which is such a great value.


Premium Starter Kit